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Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift for a loved one? Well, look no further than Indie Goodz.  They have an array of different indie products from indie brands to chose from, from clothing, food, pets to fragnances you can find the perfect gift all in one place! I received a lotion and fragrance set from The Naked Bee to review for the perfect gift this Holiday Season. The lotion is so amazing and kept my sink super soft and hydrated, it also smelled so fresh and reminded me a bit of the warm Summer days. The fragrance was the same fragrance and just added to the already wonderful smell, it lasted throughout the day and is now my go to product. Check out the awesome benefits of using these products below!

If you truly want naturally beautiful skin – look no further than what Mother Nature has to offer.

Here’s another amazing lotion from The Naked Bee that is made with organic aloe vera, sunflower oil and Pomegranate Oil.

Pomegranate Honey Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion is the perfect lotion for all types of skin.

Pomegranate can work wonders on dry skin and has anti-aging potential that could diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, it may also be able to reduce the appearance of scars.

Pomegranate has also shown an ability to extend the longevity of fibroblasts. Those are cells that help the body produce collagen and elastin for healthy, younger-looking skin. This is a fruit that was made to improve your skin!

Product Details

All the good stuff, none of the bad stuff.”™ What does that mean? Well…

“All of the good stuff…

70% organic skin conditioning lotion and moisturizer for hand and body
Shampoo & Conditioner with honey and spirulina
Triple milled oatmeal soap with saponified beeswax and guar gum
Organic olive oil, honey and beeswax lip balm
Clean burning 100% paraffin-free palm wax and beeswax travel candle…
…none of the bad stuff.”

No propylene glycol or mineral oil
No dyes or pigment
No lauryl or laureth sulfate
Absolutely NO animal testing… ever.

The Naked Bee Pomegranate and Honey Gift Set comes with a 1fl oz perfume and a 2.25fl oz lotion per gift set. The lotion provides hydration to your skin and keeps it smooth. The perfume is a fresh smell of spring to your body! Perfect for  holiday, anniversaries, and birthdays!


I also received a scented oil name Santal made by Riddle.

Scent Profile – This spicy cardamom and sandalwood are the most present notes in this scent. Santal has been described as bold, crisp and woodsy.

Scent notes – Spicy Cardamom, Amber oil, Sandalwood, Orchid, and Cassis

Our products are cruelty-free and vegan. They are also free of parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and are non-toxic.

Your fragrance oil will come in an 8ml stainless steel roll-on ball applicator bottle. This bottle is easy to use and great for traveling with. 

About Indie Goodz:

Our mission is to create a marketplace exclusively for indie brands that has the convenience and product selection of the big box stores and Amazon.

Our Story
In the economy today too much income and wealth is going to far too few of us. But 70% of the economy is made up of our consumer spending. That means the economy is just a reflection of the way we spend our money! Oh no we’re our own problem! Well… there’s some truth to that..
Sooo.. if we want to change the economy we have to change the way we spend. Support independent brands because they support an economy that benefits all of us.
That said, we know the big box stores and Amazon are just so convenient. But we thought hey if technology put a robot on mars we can bring convenience and huge selection to local & indie! And so we did.
Change the way you spend and it will change the world around you. It’s really that simple.

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