Get ready for hours of joyful soothing, cuddling, playing and nurturing with the sweetest baby dolls that cry real tears – Cry Babies by IMC Toys. Cry Babies Lala, Lea, Bonnie and Coney come dressed in different removable animal onesies and their own pacifier, with big beautiful eyes and colorful hair. They are the perfect size for kids to carry around with them, with movable arms and legs for additional play-time fun! When they start crying, you can calm them down with a pacifier or by gently rocking them. Not only do they provide endless hours of play, but also teach children essential nurturing skills.

These cute little dolls come with an   oversized head so are easily identifiable. Having an oversized head means they can flux the benefit of big cute eyes and rosy cheeks making them look much more adorable than typical dolls.

Available at Amazon, Target and for $29.99.


We received Coney and she is super cute and cuddly! My 7 year old Daughter just loves her and has spent hours of time playing with her.  It definitely makes this a unique and fun doll for children to play with, isn’t she so cute?!

Poor little Cry Baby Coney! Give her the pacifier and a cuddle to stop her from crying. She cries real water and makes realistic baby noises when you take away her paci! For more fun her arms and legs are movable. She also comes with her own changeable onesie!

These adorable babies cry real tears! Simply fill the back of her head with wat (not too much) and when her paci is removed she starts to cry. You can play, read, burp and do many things with these super cute babies.


About IMC Toys:

IMC Toys offers youngsters the best toys based on their favorite characters, generating profits for our partners and distributors the world over.


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