Perfect Books for the Holidays



Have you ever wondered why helium makes balloons float? Or how fluoride protects teeth? Turn these questions into learning opportunities with THE BOOK OF INGENIOUSLY DARING CHEMISTRY: 24 Experiments for Young Scientists (Workman Publishing; On-sale: October 30, 2018; Ages 9 and up; $14.95), a journey through the periodic table of elements with the master of daring STEM books, Sean Connolly. Ingeniously marrying science and fun, it is a perfect introduction to chemistry for curious kids as well as those who might prefer a more engaging approach to science. It’s like having a miniature science lab between two covers!

The internationally bestselling book Strong Is the New Pretty continues to be celebrated for its candid photos and inspirational text affirming the power of girls being themselves. As a follow-up to this blockbuster hit, Kate T. Parker has created STRONG IS THE NEW PRETTY: A Guided Journal for Girls (Workman Publishing; On sale October 30, 2018; Ages 8–12; $13.95), the perfect companion to inspire girls as they embrace their independent, wild, silly, powerful selves.
This interactive journal features written prompts to spark confidence and creativity paired with meaningful quotes and favorite photos from Strong Is the New Pretty, plus all-new images. As girls make their way through the journal, it becomes a personal keepsake and source of motivation to embrace themselves as they are. Research shows that journaling daily can boost brain function: Writing activates the analytical and rational left brain, which can help problem-solving and relieve stress, a perfect activity for the emotional turmoil of the preteen. The journal takes the ideas and spirit behind Strong Is the New Pretty and puts them into action, encouraging girls to take time away from social media and computers to focus on themselves.

Children never cease to be enchanted by myths and legends. Now GODS AND HEROES: Mythology Around the World, written and illustrated by Korwin Briggs [Workman Publishing; August 21, 2018; $19.95; hardcover], shares mythology in a fresh, modern package, capturing kids’ attention with illustration-packed pages, engaging stories, fun facts, and a big dose of humor. It’s perfect for anyone whose appetite for mythical storytelling was whetted by classics like D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths or new blockbusters like the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. And with its global perspective, GODS AND HEROES offers something new: It goes far beyond Greek and Roman mythology to include stories from more than 20 world cultures, from Aztec to Yoruban and everything in between.

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