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I recently got the opportunity to review these cute horses from Piccoli Horses. Not only are they adorably soft stuffed horses but they also teach your children different languages and make learning fun!

I am a horse. I am your new best friend. I am not electronic, there’s nothing inside of me except love. Together, we will have hours of fun playtime.

So many fun languages all around the world! We begin with English and visit the zoo. I am excited for you to learn little words in different languages!

Red Velvet is a unique chestnut horse. We picked this color because more of these reddish-brown horses have won the Kentucky Derby than any other color. His neck is adorned with a wreath of red roses and his feet have handsome silver shoes.

My Daughter loves her new Piccoli horse and named her Everest, she is so happy to have a new friend!

     Play & Learn

1. Download App
2. Listen
3. Repeat word(s)
4. Swipe me to get to the next screen
5. Celebrate
I like to hear your little voice. You will not be sitting there like a bump on a log, forgetting all about me. You’ll get to see a drawing of me that you’ll swipe to move to the next screen. I am here,
not leaving your side. Play Piccoli Zoo and have fun learning!


About Piccoli Horses:

Trot to talk with award-winning plush horses + learning app Piccoli Zoo introduces children to the fun of foreign languages. Parents and children are encouraged to play together. With our super-soft plush horse and educational app, children speak words out loud and move their whole bodies in physical play. Kiddos learn foreign languages, the natural way.  Learn lots of little words in different languages, the Piccoli way!

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