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I had never heard of Radz before so I jumped at the opportunity to review them and include them in my Holiday Gift Guide. My kids have talked about them but I had never seen them until they were delivered to my door. I have to say I am quite impressed with them and myself and my kids really love them!

So here’s what ya get, You get a cute keychain Radz keychain or a cute stand alone toy (listed below with the unicorns) that open up to put the special Radz candy in. It’s a super cute gift for Christmas, Birthdays or an time. I personally will be using them as stocking stuffers and they are perfect for it! Check out what my kiddos and I received below and make sure to check back after Christmas for more of them!

My Son got Batman and loved it, he’s 12 too so that was a win/win!

Clip them to the kids bookbag if you’d like for a little pick me up that they may need at school!

Ahhh my Daughter opened up the most cutest Unicorns and she loved them so much! We have a few more so I’ll be updating the other ones she gets for Christmas. These are so perfect for stocking stuffers!


About Radz World:

Radz offers a portfolio of brands within the toy and confection industries. All Radz products consist of innovative, high impulse, trend driven, collectible, toy candy dispensers! Each collectible novelty toy candy dispenser in Radz’s line of over 5 product formats and over 400 characters (which includes a portfolio of the top entertainment licenses) comes with its own package of tasty Radz candy and poster! Radz strives to deliver products with a high perceived play value, at impulse price points.

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