The Essentials for Billboard Companies

When companies think about advertising and marketing tactics, they forget about billboards a lot of the time, but they are still so very important! In fact, I believe that billboards are one of the best ways to advertise for your business, if you do it correctly, of course. As a billboard company, you have two jobs: to draw in customers (businesses) and to keep your billboard up-to-date and attractive. By doing the second part of that, you will also be doing the first because if your billboard is attractive and up-to-date, people are going to choose to advertise on your billboard compared to the one down the street with limited lighting and visibility. Here are a few essentials for billboard companies when it comes to choosing a billboard (and updating it) to attract customers for you, which will take a lot of the hard work out of it for you:

Picture a billboard on the side of a 2-lane, country back road, and how many people might drive past this billboard each day. Now picture a billboard on the side of a busy highway. Obviously, in areas where more people will pass by your billboard, more people will see what you are advertising. Obtaining a billboard in a high-traffic area might come with a steeper price, but believe me, it is worth every penny! Once you find a good spot for your billboard that will ensure a high amount of views, follow the rest of these tips to optimize your advertisement.


  • When it comes to your lighting options, you will want to choose high-quality LED and solar options that are not only green and sustainable, but also offer a quick return on investment. This is not something that you will want to try to do yourself. Instead, I recommend hiring the best company, Irvin, Inc. to help you out with your billboard lighting needs. Irvin, Inc. partners with billboard companies, sign shops, electrical contractors, and other business owners to provide LED and solar lighting solutions that are affordable and customized to your specific needs.
    In partnership with Lightking, they created their newest release called Air Series. Some of the perks are:
  • 50% lighter – weighs half of a traditional box or digital cabinet design.
  • 20% less wind-load.
  • Sharper and brighter – 16mm pixel pitch and 368 pixels per square foot allows for vibrant colors and viewing angles.
  • Patented Exoskeleton design significantly reduces heat and environmental contaminant failure.
  • Proprietary power supply design reduces heat by 50%.
  • Advanced diagnostics to monitor the health of your sign, including temperature.
  • Simple, safe installation – the aluminum subframe is easily lifted in one piece and clamps onto your existing uprights.
    Robust proprietary lamp technology – the highest quality chip and LED technology on the market today, offering the most coverage, broadest viewing angles and reduced tiling and washout.

Flow through louver design reduces glare, offering a 20% reduction in reflection washout.

Irvin, Inc. has been a trusted leader in billboard supplies for more than two decades. “In 2017, Irvin furthered its industry footprint by partnering with Lightking Outdoor to offer the industry’s most revolutionary, high resolution LED billboards and displays. Such alliances set Irvin apart, as the company takes time to aggressively pursue the continued introduction of the most advanced and innovative solutions on the market. Irvin collaborates with outdoor companies, sign shops, independent electrical contractors and other related enterprises to take their businesses to the next level.”

President of Irvin, Inc., Denise Irvin Cannon, says that there is definitely a science when it comes to lighting. Denise Irvin Cannon started Irvin, Inc. with a focus on integrity and commitment. She teamed up with respected manufacturers to bring industry-firsts to the table and is always eager to see what’s next.

Okay, so what good would a billboard be if you could not see it? Not only does this mean that your billboard should be physically placed in a spot where bypassers can see the board, but it also means that what is written on the board can be easily read or viewed by these bypassers. Be thoughtful when choosing the amount and size of text on the board. If it is too hard to read, no one will put in the effort to read it! To put it bluntly, no one but you cares THAT much about your advertisement that they will spend extra time to figure out what it says. Your billboard’s purpose is to put an idea in potential customers’ heads that they might not otherwise think of themselves. Making it easy to see and read will make this process more effective and leave bypassers with positive thoughts about your business.

Before you decide what will go on your billboard, sit down and think long and hard about what exactly you are trying to sell or promote, and what type of audience you are trying to target. For example, if you are advertising high-end children’s clothing, you should consider factors such as age, gender, and average income, amongst other factors, in choosing a place for your billboard. Making a list of attributes regarding your target audience can help you make a good decision about the best place for your billboard.

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